About Us

We are a new company established in 2023

Providing the Highest Quality Products for Pets

Our Pets have become more part of our lives than ever before, every year more and more unique products come to the pet market and unfortunately most traditional pet stores do not carry these items in store, making it almost impossible for us Pet parents to try out the product. We established Citi Pawz as a small pet boutique store carrying unique items that were created by people who care about their pets. Citi Pawz plans to partner with nonprofits to support animals who need rehoming or fostering, We have been local to anaheim for over 20years and know the huge loving pet community near us, which has also inspired us to reach out to the community and create fun events in our store such as Paint-YOur-Pet workshops and In store Pet Photography sessions. We are a small mom-pop business but we know you will love and laugh at some of the fun unique items and treats we carry. We can’t wait to meet all the locals and thier pets.

Our Mission

Happy, healthy, Convenient Pet goodies

Our Vision

 Our vision is to serve the local community of anaheim with convenient ways to purchase dog food, treats and more. We want to make our store your pets 2nd home home and your favorite pet store where you will find unique items and fun workshops for you and your pet to enjoy.

Why choose us

We are a local pet boutique in the heart of anaheim. We are a small business and partner with several smaller businesses to provide them the opportunity to display and sell their products in store. Our items are unique and you will not find them in your traditional corporate pet store.

Opening Hours

Mon : Closed

Tues - Sat: 10am - 7pm​​

Sun: 10am - 6pm

Contact Us

122 W. Broadway. Anaheim CA, 92805

(657) 632-7582


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